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How to choose the right shoe?

            The birth of your child is the beginning of a new chapter. With the blink of an eye, it's time for them to start walking. This is an event that the whole family can get excited about, but it also brings a great responsibility: choosing the right shoes.

            All of a baby's “firsts” are truly unforgettable; some more so than others. The first smile and first words are remembered with fondness, but it's with the first step that something really special happens. One period of life ends, and another begins. Choosing the right shoes in which your child will step into this new period is a big decision for all parents.

            So, which shoe will it be then? Firstly, we shouldn't choose a shoe only for its appearance. In the old days, shoes were produced using only natural materials. Nowadays, there are many synthetic materials to choose from, but we believe that leather remains the best choice. Despite your child not yet knowing it, a shoe of low quality can have serious negative effects on the health of their feet in the future.

            If we carefully choose their first shoes, our children will have a lower risk of falling when they take those first, pcious steps. The inner surface of the shoe must be absorbent and its sole should provide them with the proper support.

            Your child must also be a part of the shopping experience. Take your child with you when you go to buy their shoes! If they accompany you, you can effectively choose the best pair for them, and ensure a proper fit. When they are young, a child's foot is soft and delicate, making the sizing even more critical. From an early stage, you must consider the health of your child's feet. Between the ages of three and six, their shoe size may increase by two or three sizes, even within a single year.

            In short, the ideal shoes for your children are those which are both soft and supportive, and allow the foot to breath, as well as look nice. Most importantly, shoes should be comfortable, and the wearer should feel nice wearing them. In addition to this, if the shoe is made with these aspects in mind, everyone will be pleased. Sometimes, children choose a certain pair of shoes, but only for the appearance, and not because of a proper fit. Be careful that the shoe is not too small or too large for them! You can make sure the shoe truly suits your child's foot properly by inspecting the fit yourself.


Things you should remember when choosing shoes for your child:

  1. The shoe's outsole must be produced using only cowhide.
  2. The shoe's insole will ideally be made of goat hide.
  3. The insole's surface must be made of safe materials.
  4. The bottom of the shoe should be made of molded rubber.
  5. Feel yourself more confident by purchasing locally-produced shoes from companies which follow these guidelines.
  6. Enjoy those first steps!