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7 suggestions for 10 healthy fingers

      Dear Moms, Dear Dads, we strongly recommend you "7 suggestions for 10 healthy fingers" and to maintain healthy feet and ensure healthy steps. You will enjoy playing with your child in the game style. Also, the child will enjoy the game, as he is comfortable and convenient.

      When your child gets up, he will try to grab hold of something and push his toes off the ground. You will see how your child will try and try to take the first steps (10 right foot 10 times with the left foot). This game is played by two players, a player with 10 fingers at the same time trying to pull the tip of the towel. The towel is trapped. This game is well developed walking of children.

      Put several books (or similarly weights) on one end of the towel, and at the other end the child takes a towel with 10 fingers and begins to pull back. This is a fun game that will appeal to your child.
      Put a rope or something similar to the ground, let your child walk slowly and just support it. Secondly, step by step, approach it and try to walk without losing your balance.
      You can also try to make his walk much more fun and attract balls for your child, you need to slowly throw balls and the child will try to catch up, and you will see that he will like it too. Join the game too.
      In general, there are many games for children that develop their walking. The most important thing is to choose baby shoes, which initially will help children to walk properly. They will not rub their feet and the children will quietly play their games.